1. You or a member of your immediate family (parent, spouse, adult child) living in the same household must reside or work on Hilton Head or Daufuskie Islands.
  2. You must be a resident for a minimum of 30 days in order to be eligible for services.
  3. VIM does not provide care for individuals whose injuries/conditions are work related or covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance.
  4. Your family income must be less than 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines (for example: Single adult’s gross monthly income cannot exceed $1,945).
  5. You must have no usable medical insurance.


  1. All family members in the household who earn wages must provide income verification in order to determine the eligibility of each member of the household. Verification should be the most recent month of pay stubs and last year’s income tax return, or notarized letters from employers on company letterhead if paid in cash.
  2. Each individual applying for services must provide proof of 30 days residency. Examples include a rent slip, utility bill, school registration. If you are unable to provide this, you may be eligible 30 days after your initial visit to VIM.
  3. Each individual must provide some form of photo identification.
  4. All adult patients are asked (once per year) to donate twenty five dollars to help the clinic pay for medicines and medical supplies.
  5. New patients are registered on Monday and Wednesday afternoons only, between 12:30-3:00 pm. Patients who are currently registered may be rescreened during regular clinic hours.


  1. Individuals and families must be approved prior to scheduling an appointment or being seen as a walk-in patient.
  2. All patients are re-screened yearly, some more often.
  3. Medical and dental services will not be provided to individuals and families until VIM’s eligibility and documentation requirements have been met.


  1. All patients must have their registration up-to-date in order to make a medical or dental appointment. Must be rescreened every year.
  2. All first-time patients should schedule an introductory appointment for dental cleaning, x-rays and a check-up. You must pay a $15 deposit when you make this appointment, which will be refunded when you come for your scheduled appointment.9Para calificar para la atencion en VIM usted debe tener los signientes requisitos:
    1. Usted o un miembro de su familia inmediata (padre, esposo, niño del adulto) vive en la misma casa debe residir o trabajar en Hilton Head o la isla de Daufuskie.
    2. Usted debe ser residente con un mínimo de 3 meses, para ser elegible para los servicios de la clinica.
    3. VIM no proporciona servicios a los visitantes o a los residentes temporales.
    4. VIM no trata a Pacientes con lesiones que son cubiertas por Workers Compensation.

    La Documenyación Requirida:

    1. Usted debe proporcionar la documentacíón siguiente cuando usted viene a la cliacute;a para registrarse.
    2. Todos los miembros de la familia que ganan salarios deben proporcionar la verificación de la renta para determinar la elegibilidad de cada miembro de la casa. La verificación se puede proporcionar en la forma de talon de cheque, declaraciones de impuestos, o de cartas patronales si está ganando en efectivo.
    3. Cada uno al solicitar individual servicios debe proporcionar la prueba de 3 meses de recidencia. Por jemplo incluir un recibo del alquiler, cuenta para uso general, registro de la escuela. Si usted no puede proporcionar esto, usted puede ser elegibles después de3 meses de su visita inicial a Vim.
    4. Cada uno necesita presentar una prueva de indentificacion con foto.
    5. Los Tiempos de la invetigatión son Durante Horas Regulares de la clínica.

    VIM Política Que Defiende:

    1. Los individuos y las familias deben ser aprobados antes de programar una cita.
    2. Verificarar a todos los pacientes anualmente.
    3. Los servicios médicos y dentales no serán proporcionados a los individuos o familias hasta no cumplir con los requisitos de legibilidad y de la documentación de VIM.