Volunteers In Medicine HHI Board Of Directors

Board of Directors

Volunteers in Medicine Clinic

The Board of Directors is Volunteers in Medicine Clinic’s policy-making body. Directors serve a three-year term with the option for re-election of one additional term.


All Directors are considered VIM Clinic Ambassadors and spokespeople for the organization and its programs. As advocates, they are capable of effectively communicating the VIM Clinic “story” within and beyond the immediate community. Essential duties of board members include planning and policy initiatives, organizational development, philanthropic contributions, volunteer support and fiduciary responsibility.


Thank you to those who donate their time and expertise to make our organization better through serving on the Board of Directors.

Board Officers

Lynn Jennings Taylor, Chair
Richard Vanderveer, Vice-Chair
Marion Johnson Payne, Board Secretary
Paul Moeri, Treasurer



Board Members

John Anderson
Kaye Black
Joseph Buckingham
Morris Campbell
Miriam Hernandez
Robert Lindsey
John MacLaurin
Linda Meir
Elizabeth Mogil
David Nagel
Diane Neal
Coleman Peterson
Charles Sampson
Steven Siegelbaum
Patrick Snowman
Jeanette Taylor Jones
Janet Williams



Honorary Board Members

Mary Ellen McConnell


Ex-Officio Board Members

John Newman, Executive Director
W. Alan McCollough