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What is going to motivate you this year? A critical element for success is goal setting and accountability.  Whether it be an Olympic athlete or someone trying to lose 5 pounds, we all perform better with accountability partners.  Isn’t that what our spouses, coaches, doctors and nurses have often done for us?  They help us set goals and then hold us accountable to achieve them, celebrating every inch we get closer to that goal.


We want to help you join a community that will help you stay focused and achieve your goals with our Pledge the Pounds initiative. When we commit to a pledge, we tend to follow through.  Pledge the Pounds lets us share our goals, not only pounds, with those who will help us succeed.  Join the VIM Clinic Wellness community today and start your wellness journey with a community who supports you.


Maybe it is time we pledge something more important than dollars.  So, what do you say?  Might we partner as a community in achieving our health goals this year?  Join the VIM Clinic Wellness community today, pledge your personal health goals with Pledge the Pounds and together we can show how a community committed to each other can improve health and wellness.  We are ALL IN at VIM Clinic!
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