2022 VIM Journal

The VIM Journal has a long legacy of leveraging our volunteer physicians and advanced practitioners to bring forth a journal that is pragmatic, and relevant to the topics that we are all seeing in the clinic every day. Each article is meant to have a perspective of practicing in the free clinic environment while reaching beyond the standard of care. 

There is a perception that the care delivered in a free clinic is different. In reality, it is – and is often better. Better, because egos have long been left at the door and collaboration is king. Better because feedback on performance is sought out and welcome, and improvement is continuous. Better because we have the opportunity to develop an influential relationship with our patients to understand where they are, and what will motivate them in their health journey. The one constraint that we often elevate within our free clinics is that of time. We have the time to read, the time to write, the time to communicate, and the time to care. Thanks to all those who continue to give their precious gift of time.

We hope this edition of the VIM Journal brings forth discussion, shares a few pearls and contributes to the cause of people helping people.

VIM Journal Table of Contents

Food as Medicine
John B. Newman, MD, FACS

Caring for Culturally Diverse Clients
Diane Riff, APRN

VIM Clinic Medical Records Update
Demetra Ladson, MBA

Periodontal Disease and Heart Disease – The Connection
John W. Vargo, DDS, MS

VIM Clinic Nursing Update
Jennifer Gatlin, RN, BSN, MHA

VIM Clinic Pharmacy Update
R. Keith Goss, R.Ph.

Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOAC)
C. Patrick Burns, MD, MACP, FVIM

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)
Steven P. Siegelbaum, MD, FACG

COVID-19 and a Brief History of Healthcare on Hilton Head Island
Patrick Snowman, MD, FAAEM

All contributions in this issue are original articles written by clinicians at Volunteers in Medicine Clinic of Hilton Head Island.

Edited by Medical Executive Committee Chair, Steven P. Siegelbaum, MD, FACG. © 2022 by Volunteers in Medicine Clinic. All rights reserved.