VIM Clinic Logo 2021
VIM Clinic Logo 2021

30 Years and Growing

“What have you done for someone today?”

It all started with this simple question that the father of Volunteers in Medicine Clinic’s founder, Dr. Jack McConnell, would ask his children each evening around the dinner table. This question inspired Dr. Jack and other pioneers to begin Volunteers in Medicine Clinic almost 30 years ago. Primarily for immunizations, VIM Clinic served about 1,000 patient visits in that first year. The Clinic has now grown to average 28,000 patient visits a year across 23 medical specialties, dental care, mental health, and five disease management clinics through the tireless efforts of 650 plus volunteers.

For nearly 30 remarkable years, VIM Clinic has changed hundreds of thousands of lives by providing access to free comprehensive, compassionate and high-quality healthcare to low-income individuals and their families. These are our neighbors who serve as housekeepers, landscape and construction workers, hotel staff, golf course attendants, grocery store clerks, and food and beverage employees who work for low wages with little or no benefits. They keep our island the pristine and beautiful place we love to call home. Without VIM Clinic, they have no other place to turn for their healthcare needs and would otherwise have no choice but to go without.

VIM Clinic not only serves as an award-winning healthcare clinic and a local solution to a national healthcare problem but also serves as the flagship model for 100+ free and charitable clinics across the nation. Whether it be our newly implemented Food Sustainability initiative with an emphasis on health and wellness, our introduction of FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring systems for our diabetic patients, our life-changing Raymond L. Cox Gift of Hope Surgery Program, or just our abounding spirit of service and giving, VIM Clinic is a model that continues to inspire and be replicated all over the country. VIM Clinic has always been supported entirely through philanthropy, our generous family of individual donors, foundations, corporations, faith-based organizations and civic groups. YOUR support is essential. We only exist because YOU believe in our work and our mission, continuing to recognize the incredible impact we have on the lives of our neighbors in need. YOUR investment helps keep our entire community able to work, take care of loved ones and stay healthy and strong while leading productive lives. The quality of care that VIM Clinic provides is extraordinary, and we see tremendous results every day in the vastly improved health outcomes of our patients. The treatment is free, the care is priceless.

We need YOU to partner in our mission, to help us respond to the need and change lives for the better. Help us give the gift of good health for many more decades to come. With your support, VIM Clinic will continue to grow and thrive while touching thousands upon thousands of lives and stay a vital and vibrant asset to our community.

Your support today ensures the health of our neighbors for the future. Thank you for helping us respond to healthcare disparities in our community.


“Without VIM Clinic, a lot of us low-income people like myself, we wouldn’t have made it”

Join the Circle of Caring

Our Misson

Our mission is to understand and serve the health and wellness needs of the medically underserved and their households, who live or work on Hilton Head and Daufuskie Islands.

Our Vision

May we have eyes to see those who are rendered invisible and excluded,
Open arms and hearts to reach out and include them,
Healing hands to touch their lives with love,
And in the process heal ourselves.

Every life is of infinite value and every person deserves a healthy, productive, and happy life.
We need YOU to partner with us, giving all of our neighbors in need a brighter tomorrow!

Just this Year…VIM Clinic

  • Provided for the health and wellness needs of our medically underserved neighbors across an average of 28,000 patient visits annually – all without government funding.
  • Offered more than $13 million in retail medical services from a $3 million budget.
  • Provided 12,726 disease screening lab tests.
  • Dispensed 40,200 prescriptions in our Pharmacy that have a retail medical value of $2,555,000.
  • Provided surgeries and procedures to 289 patients that have a value of $1,019,000…at a cost to VIM Clinic of $116,570.
  • Provided cleanings, fluoride varnish, sealants and home health care instructions for more than 1,000 pediatric patients and 5,500 adult and pediatric dental patients.
  • Drastically improved the smiles and hence the lives of 63 patients in VIM Clinic’s Denture Program at a cost to VIM Clinic of $11,724 – yet with a total value of $88,924.
  • Provided 732 screening and diagnostic mammograms within our Women’s Health Program.
  • Continued to shift the focus and permeate a message of wellness and prevention clinic wide. VIM Clinic volunteers and staff actively work with our patients, particularly those with chronic disease risk factors, to guide them toward healthier lifestyles. Cost of a head of lettuce: $3; Cost of a bag of healthy food for a family of four: $35; Cost of personal, one-on-one wellness visits and nutritional counseling for our patients: Priceless

Become a Hero in our Midst



Dr. John Newman | Volunteers in MedicineThirty years is quite an accomplishment! Lately, for various reasons, I have been asked, “What is the key to sustainability?” My first response will always be to give God all the credit.

When asked about Volunteers in Medicine Clinic, I humbly point to the volunteers who have demonstrated their ability to see those rendered invisible and excluded and have opened their arms and hearts to reach out and include them while touching their lives with Love. Love is the secret ingredient to our sustainability. I honestly believe that in the process, we each find unique ways to heal ourselves.

Recently, we celebrated some retirements from VIM Clinic that, once again, have left me in awe of those amongst us and those who have gone before us. We were celebrating the retirement of three individuals who collectively gave 60 years of volunteering. If you counted current and prior Volunteers who also joined the party, we were close to 400 years of Volunteerism in the room, enjoying just being together.

My role at these events is to offer thanks and acknowledge those we are celebrating. I kept waiting for a pause in the laughter and lively discussions to say a few words… and I waited, and waited. As I sat there and looked around the room, I was hesitant to interrupt, as there was joy, there was Love, and there was some awesome food. Eventually, I stood up and thanked everyone, especially those retiring. When they each had the floor, the thanks came back to all those around them who filled their days and weeks with Joy, Love, Purpose, and an intellectual challenge. There was a humble embarrassment in their moment of celebration, that it was they who wanted to say thank you for the gifts they enjoyed while at VIM. I think all would believe these are the key ingredients to our sustainability.

I also recognize the Medical and Dental Clinics’ staff and volunteers who choose to give their talents to VIM Clinic. There is something in the Purpose of the work, which makes each day a good day. This is another crucial ingredient.

We all are the Volunteers in Medicine Clinic and looking back at the last 30 years gives us the greatest Hope for the future. We are excited about tackling diabetes and hypertension in innovative ways. We are committed to exploring new ways to expand behavioral health. We are growing healthy food, planting amazing fruit trees, and we are sharing with our patients and our community neighbors what we are growing with Love.

The ingredients for sustainability lie in finding Hope, Purpose, and Love in what we do.

So, for now, when asked about the secret to sustainability, I might share our secret ingredients of Hope, Purpose, and Love. Or I might reply, “Please ask me that in 30 years!”

Join the Circle of Caring

We can’t do this alone! We need YOU to complete the Circle of Caring.

VIM Clinic’s Circle of Caring could never be complete without the generous support of our community. Thank you for your support and dedication. Thank you for ensuring that everyone in our community has access to healthcare regardless of their ability to pay. Thank you for enabling us to respond to the healthcare disparities in our community. Thank you for doing your part in helping our neighbors who need us. Without you, none of this is possible.

Support our Mission Today!

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Join the Circle of Caring

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