Four hours a week or four hours a month will make a huge difference in the lives of our patients in need!!

We are always in need of nursing support at the Clinic. We need registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nurse practitioners, clinical assistants and physician assistants. Our nursing staff is needed for patient care, triage, patient education, medication administration, reporting and record keeping, and performing initial patient assessments.

South Carolina is a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact Act which allows a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse licenses in a Compact state to practice across state lines in another compact state without having to obtain a license in the other state.

The following states are participants in the Nurse Licensure Compact Act. If you are licensed in any of these states, our credentialling team will be happy to assist you in obtaining licensure for South Carolina:

Mississippi~Nebraska~New Hampshire~New Mexico~North Carolina~North Dakota~South Carolina~South Dakota~Tennessee~Texas~Utah~Virginia~Wisconsin

Even if you are not licensed in one of the Compact states, please contact the clinic if you wish to volunteer. Our credentialling team will assist you in finding out the requirements of your license-state to enable you to volunteer at VIM. In the meantime, you can volunteer as a nurse assistant until your licensing comes through. We do not do a lot of invasive procedures and there is always someone who can step in to help if you need it!


All general nursing staff, R.N. LPN, Nurse Assistants, Nurses Aides, Medical Technologists


  • Check patient vital signs, take history and perform initial assessment
  • Review current medications, provide education as necessary
  • Communicate pertinent patient information to physician
  • Perform EKG’s; pulse ox; nebulizer treatments as ordered
  • Administer immunizations, medications, etc.
  • Assists physician with all aspects of gynecological exams
  • Perform dressing changes, wound care, assessment
  • Participate in community outreach activities such as health fairs
  • Identify patients in need of psycho-social support; assists in referral process
  • Monitor patient labs and medications needs and interact with physician accordingly

You must have been licensed or certified in any state. We help with volunteer license.

Director of Patient Care or Assistant Director of Patient Care
provide training.

Diabetic Clinic Staff Nurse
(RN’s, LPN’s, Nurse Practitioners, Nursing Assistants, Medical Technologists)


  • Record patient’s vital signs, blood sugars, update needed labs, etc.
  • Tally and average patient’s blood sugars for use by physician
  • Assist doctor with physical exam: ie: feet check for open wounds, lacerations, etc. pulses, reflexes
  • Direct patient to dietician for counseling and/or psycho-social counseling
  • Make sure patients have adequate supplies – insulin, syringes, lancets, glucometer strips, oral meds if indicated. Replace glucometers if necessary. Instruct newly diagnosed patients on the care and use of their glucometer, finger stick techniques and recording of their blood sugars
  • Keep accurate records for yearly evaluation

You must have been licensed or certified in any state. We help with volunteer license.

Director of Patient Care or Assistant Director of Patient Care trains Clinic protocols

Charge Nurse


  • Assign, supervise and/or perform floor nurse’s duties including vital signs, history and documentation, updates, injections, assisting at minor surgery, assist the PAP smears and GYN probes when necessary, etc.
  • Obtain consents and prepare specimens for lab
  • Clean, disinfect and repackage instruments for sterilization
  • Provide patient instructions and education
  • Schedule and prepare patients for diagnostic tests
  • Perform EKG’s, pulse oximeter, nebulizer treatments
  • Restock rooms with needed supplies; document need for reordering
  • Participate in community outreachprograms (health fairs)
  • Assist in referral support


  • Must be a licensed U.S. nurse (active or retired)
  • VIM assists with volunteer licensing and covers your malpractice insurance

Director of Patient Care or Assistant Director trains Clinic protocols


Contact Julia Copp, RN, BSN, Director of Patient Care
Telephone: 843.681.6612 extension 229
Stan Stolarcyk, Director of Volunteers
Telephone: 843.681.6612 extension 238