Mental Health Professionals


The mental health department consists of mental health professionals who usually volunteer for ½-day therapeutic sessions where they see three to six patients per session. Mental health counselors work out of the McConnell Building where they have several consulting rooms for patient care and treatment. Mental health patients usually have assigned appointments and see the same therapist for treatment, if available. We are in need of psychiatrists and mental health therapists.

Department Goals:

  • To provide mental health services – therapy and psychiatric evaluations
  • To accommodate patients as soon as possible after services are requested
  • To maintain mental health records according to HIPAA Regulations
  • To coordinate with medical staff in medical or dental clinic to enhance patient treatment

Department Volunteers Needed:

  • Experienced and formerly licensed (anywhere in the United States) mental health professionals
  • Receptionists to answer phone and assist with scheduling
  • Telephone support to verify patient appointments
  • Bilingual counselors especially needed!

Please Contact:

Douglas Wolter, MA, Director of Mental Health Services at (843) 681.6612, Ext. 232