Why I Volunteer by Cheryl Botwick

Name: Cheryl Botwick

Hometown: I was born and raised in the Detroit, Michigan area.       

Where do you live?: We have been on Hilton Head for almost 32 years and now live in Indigo Run.

How long have you volunteered at VIM?:  Three years

What is your role at VIM?: Cashier

Professional background: Attorney   

Why do you volunteer at VIM?: I feel it is an important asset for the community and believe in Dr. Jack’s mission.  Since I am not medically trained, I wanted to help wherever I could in the clinic and the cashier position happened to be available at the time I was ready to retire from my law practice.     

Why should people volunteer at VIM?: It’s a way of giving back to the community and to help those who serve all the residents and make Hilton Head what it is.

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