Wish List

The “Wish List” is a list of supplies and equipment that we need but are generally challenged to purchase through our regular operating funds. We continue to update the list, and and if you are interested in helping us fulfill a need, please contact our Development Department: development@vimclinic.org  or 843.689.6612

VIM Hilton Head Island Wish List

  1. The VIM Walking Program – sponsor a walker for $10 per month, walkers get a fitbit pedometer (retails for $59), weigh in and track miles each week, weekly classes and monthly seminars on diet, health, food and nutrition, stress management and more!
  2. Diabetes – funding for test strips, monitors, insulin, other meds, and ID bracelets as well as materials for education classes.
  3. Hypertension – funding for medications, blood pressure cuffs as well as materials for education classes.
  4. Thyroid disease – medication
  5. Women’s Health – Funding for mammography and pap smears
  6. Hepatitis C – Funding for diagnosis and treatment program
  7. Working hearing aids – we have them refurbished
  8. Surgery Program – funding
  9. Asthma/Lung Disease – medication
  10. Dental Clinic – dentures for patients – $375 for a full upper or lower
  11. Dental Clinic – Pediatric and family home health care kits (spinbrushes, toothpaste)
  12. Dental Clinic – $4,000 pays for a year’s supply of fluoride varnish for our pediatric patients
  13. Dental Clinic – $2,000 pays for a year’s supply of sealant materials for our pediatric patients
  14. Dental Clinic – $13,200 per year pays for a part-time dental hygienist
  15. Dental Clinic – $5,200 per year pays for a part-time dental assistant
  16. Sleep apnea and CPAP machines
  17. Funding for annual maintenance of x-ray machine, $845 and two radiation badges $290
  18. Funding for surveillance cameras
  19. Ceiling fans for the Clinic waiting room, approximately $700 with installation
  20. In addition, we always need funding for supplies such as bandaids, bandages, tape, gynecological supplies, etc
  21. Opthamology- new rolling stool with back support – $200 to $250
  22. Mental Health – one new computer $800
  23. Mental Health – (3) desk chairs, $125 ea.
  24. Medical Dictation Software System – $1500 per license (user), need several of these

Thank you again for your involvement with Volunteers in Medicine